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Newburyport is one of New England’s gems. It is among the smallest cities in the state of Massachusetts and considered to be one of the most beautiful – containing a large number of spacious and gracious Federalist homes built with whaling and clipper ship fortunes of this 19th-century seaport.

The city is proud of its rich history: Proud of the fact that the first tea party in opposition to England's tax on tea was held in Newburyport, well before the more famous one in Boston, and pleased to be the birthplace of the United States Coast Guard with the first ship commissioned for the Coast Guard, The Frigate Massachusetts, built in the city.

Protective of its heritage, the city launched a massive redevelopment scheme in the early 1960's, using state and federal funds to reclaim its historic neighborhoods of granite, brick and cobblestones and provide up-to-date infrastructure such as water and sewer renovations. But however steeped in the past, the city did not neglect to prepare for a lively present and built an industrial park at the same time, which now houses small diversified industries. The city is a tourist destination and was the first community in the state to complete a master plan and a harbor plan. Its adjacent river is used for recreation and its old fire station now houses a theatre and restaurant in the center of downtown.

Residents are proud of the fact that many families have lived in the city for generations, and equally proud of the fact that the city welcomes newcomers and the new ideas they bring.

It is located in northeastern Massachusetts, bordered by Newbury on the south, West Newbury on the west, Amesbury and Salisbury on the north, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Newburyport is located at the mouth of the Merrimack River, 14 miles east of Haverhill; 30 miles north of Boston; 70 miles south of Portland, Maine; and about 255 miles
from New York City.

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